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Real wealth is in the head, not in the ground

Kigali, 16 September 2014

President Kagame has asked developing nations to believe in themselves in order to overcome obstacles that hinder them from competing in global trade. While speaking today at the 14th World Export Development Forum taking place in Kigali which was attended by the Ethiopia First Lady, Roman Tesfaye Abneh and other global leaders, President Kagame said the first piece of the necessary mindset is for ITC focus countries to believe in themselves.

“There is no country so isolated, disadvantaged that it can’t find a competitive edge in the global economy. To overcome geographical and other disadvantages, we must benchmark ourselves against the best in the world. After all, real wealth is in the head, not in the ground. Building a competitive, modern economy requires smart investments in human capital and productive knowledge .We should see competition as an opportunity rather than a problem. To overcome geographical and other disadvantages, we must benchmark ourselves against the best in the world.”

President Kagame receives five new Ambassadors accredited to Rwanda

Kigali, 15 September 2014

President Kagame today received credentials of five new Ambassadors accredited by their respective nations to represent them in Rwanda, during a ceremony that took place at Urugwiro Village. The new Ambassadors are from India, Botswana, Venezuela, Belgium and Pakistan.

Amb. Jhony Balza Arismendi of Venezuela said his country was eager to cooperate with Rwanda in bid to promote the South-South cooperation by pooling efforts to face common challenges. Amb. John Moreti of Bostwana said as the first Ambassador to represent his country in Rwanda, he would advocate for a forward looking, open relationship between Rwanda and Botswana.

Amb. Ramesh Chandra who will represent India said his country and Rwanda have enjoyed good relations for a long time, and he would only work to take the relations to another level by increasing and strengthening existing areas of cooperation.

President Kagame presides over signing of 2014/2015 Imihigo

Kigali, 12 September 2014

President Kagame today presided over the annual Imihigo signing ceremony at Parliament, where Ministers and Mayors signed new performance contracts. The Prime Minister also presented the evaluation report of the 2013/2014 District Imihigo performance, and the three best performing Districts were awarded with trophies of recognition.

In his address, President Kagame commended local leaders for improved performance, but pointed out that the evaluation report shows that there was room for doing better if more efforts were employed:

"Good performance hinges on coordination by the different levels of government, but deliberate efforts also need to be made. According to this District evaluation report, the points scored depict great efforts but coming ahead of the pack is not enough in itself; you have to endeavour to be at your best in all aspects. Questions should be asked about Districts that consistently perform poorly because these are symptoms of leadership problems. Shortcomings are not always due to lack of resources, they are due to leaders choosing not to fulfill responsibilities.”

President Kagame receives outgoing Burundi Ambassador

Kigali, 11 September 2014

President Kagame today received the outgoing Burundi Ambassador to Rwanda, Remy Sinkazi, who concludes his tour of duty after representing his country in Rwanda for four years and eight months. The Ambassador called on President Kagame to bid him farewell.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, the Burundi Ambassador said he was happy that he found existing good relations between Burundi and Rwanda when he was appointed to represent Burundi at the beginning of 2010 and that he had left when the relations were even better.

President Kagame visits Gasabo District

Kigali, 9 September 2014

President Kagame today visited Gasabo District, where he addressed and interacted with thousands of residents in Gikomero Sector, who gathered to meet him from different sectors of the District.

In his address, President Kagame said what has been achieved in the District shows they voted for their leaders wisely.

"What happened in the past is behind us, we should look forward and work to ensure that the generations to come live a better life than us. We are on the right track, but the journey is still long, and we can only achieve what we want if we work together in unity."

President Kagame urged the residents of Gasabo to form and join cooperatives so that progress can be achieved quickly.

"Our country is small and we cannot afford disunity, we have to put our resources together for our common good and self reliance. We cannot be people who expect to depend on others without an end. Assistance has no guarantee; the one offering assistance can decide to stop without warning."

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