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President Kagame presides over Abunzi 10 years Anniversary celebrations

Kigali, 17 October 2014

President Kagame today addressed hundreds of community mediators during celebrations to mark 10 years since the establishment of Abunzi committees. Drawn from Rwanda traditional practices, the community mediation committees were established to settle disputes among people, to reduce numbers and save time spent in courts over minor disputes.

Leadership means pushing to get things done

Kigali, 16 October 2014

President Kagame and President Kenyatta today in Kigali officiated the 6th East African Business Summit organized by Citibank, Deloitte, KPMG, Nation Media Group, PWC and Serena Hotels.

Bringing 200 top government officials, financiers, and CEOs from Africa, the forum aims for business leaders to understand and position their organizations to capitalize on regional integration while appreciating the need to adopt inclusive business solutions.

“Working together, being able to identify what we can do to support each other is what can benefit Africa as a whole. The more we bring resources together, the more we work together, the more each partner states benefits We want every citizen to benefit and make sure that whatever they do earns them enough to change their lives.” President Kagame told participants.

“All we need is political will. Let us not be fearful of one another. Our people are the East African people. To develop through our own means, we have to stop the inward looking mentality that we inherited from our colonial master,” added President Kenyatta

Our body may get weak but our spirit never will

Kigali, 14 October 2014

While Officiating the Swearing-in Ceremony of the new President of Senate, Bernard Makuza, President Kagame today told all government officials present that leadership is not about working for selfish interests but about serving and never stopping to stand up for the rights and dignity of all Rwandans.

“This is not about us as individuals. The important thing is to work together towards improving the lives of every Rwandan. We have a responsibility to serve Rwandans. The reason we are here is about our rights to dignity as a nation and as a continent.”

Pointing to the challenges Rwanda currently faces, President Kagame reminded the officials that they should not allow to be used by external forces but should instead own and shape Rwanda’s story they way it deserves.

“With every challenge put on our way, we get stronger, not weaker. Our body may get weak but our spirit never will. Let our challenges be the motivation to do more, to get more progress and move faster to develop our nation. Our only battleground is our country Rwanda. On this battleground, we shall always prevail.”

President Kagame attends 7th Northern Corridor Integration Projects Summit

Kigali, 9 October 2014

President Kagame attended the 7th Northern Corridor Integration Projects Summit on the second day of his visit. The summit began with the launch of the Uganda portion of the standard gauge railway that will connect Malaba to Kampala.Hosted   by President Museveni, the summit was attended by President Salva Kiir Mayardit of Sudan, Eng. Michael Kamau, Cabinet Secretary, Transport and Infrastructure who represented the Republic of Kenya, H.E. Dr. Fassil Hahom, Minister and Legal Advisor representing the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Launching the railroad, President Museveni described the railway as marking a new era:

“We are moving into the real business of developing our country. We are here to launch our region into a new era of cheaper transport and cheaper electricity.”

President Kagame addresses 3rd Uganda Rwanda Business Forum

Kampala, 7 October 2014

President Kagame began his three day visit to Uganda with the 3rd Uganda Rwanda Business Council. 
Organized by Uganda Revenue Authority, Uganda High Commission and Rwanda Development Board, the Uganda Rwanda business forum brought together over 300 business leaders from top companies in manufacturing, education and finance. 

Held on the eve of the 7th Northern Corridor Summit, the forum emphasized the importance of integration in removing trade barriers and ensuring the expansion of businesses in the region. 

President Kagame spoke on the relationship between private sector and government: 

“If we are united and integrated,if policies are solving bottlenecks as is happening with regional integration, we have a clear chance of being where we want to be and shortening the time to get there.We need to stop approaching thing in the business as usual way, think out of the box and take advantage of the opportunities that are surrounding us.  If business and government work together, there is no reason we can't turn challenges into opportunities.”

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