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President Kagame receives Turkish Investors

Kigali, 21 April 2012

President Kagame today received four Turkish Investors who called on him at his office in Urugwiro Village.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, the KOZA group Chairman of Board of Directors, Mr. Akin Ipek said:

"Rwanda is a very business friendly country and we are planning to invest in the areas of Mining, Media, Tourism, Education and construction. Soon we shall come back to explore potential mining areas of investment."

'We can't rely on aid indefinitely; we too should find means of acquiring wealth' – President Kagame

Gitoki - Gatsibo, 20 April 2012

President Kagame today told residents of Gatsibo District, Eastern Province, that Rwandans should not look up to others for assistance, and if they have to, it should only be to help build a firm foundation for them to stand on their own in future. President Kagame was speaking to thousands of citizens gathered at Gakiri Primary School grounds in Gitoki sector, following a visit to Augustin Rukondo, one of the most successful farmers in the District and Ndatemwa rice processing factory which has processing capacity of 2.5 tonnes per hour.

President Kagame said that with the right mentality, anyone can achieve whatever they dream of. He encouraged Gatsibo residents to work in cooperatives because when people pool their efforts together, they are destined to achieve far much more than they would achieve working as individuals. President Kagame pointed out that the progress seen everywhere in the Eastern province is evidence that a lot more can be achieved if people put their minds to it.

President Kagame receives Nigeria South-South States Governors

Kigali, 17 April 2012

President Kagame today received in his office Governors of the Nigerian states of Delta and Cross River, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan and Senator Liyel Imoke. The Governors travelled to Rwanda to invite President Kagame to the South-South Economic Summit, scheduled for the end of this month in Delta State.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan said that being a region where 95% of Nigeria’s oil is produced, the South-South region should come together and form an integrated economic development.

“We held a summit two years ago in Cross River State and we are holding another one at the end of this month and believe we should invite a leader who has experience in crisis and post-crisis management. Because of the oil, the South-South region has had its share of crises we would like President Kagame to come and share with us how we can depart from crisis situations and become an investment destination.”

Time to leave problems behind and focus on solutions – President Kagame

Kinazi, Ruhango – 16 April 2012

President Kagame today told residents of Ruhango District in the Southern Province that Rwandans have the capacity to change their lives for the better. He was speaking to thousands of citizens gathered at Kinazi, following a tour of the new Kinazi Referral Hospital and inaugurating a modern Cassava Milling Factory that is set to produce 40 tonnes of flour daily from locally produced roots.

President Kagame said that Rwanda can be just like nations that have succeeded, prospered and are now feeding other countries. He referred to Ms. Mukarugambwa, a Ruhango resident who had told the gathering her story of moving from poverty to self-sufficiency, and said that every Rwandan had the opportunity to follow the example.

He pointed out that the government was providing means, partnership and guidance but it was up to citizens to cease this support in order to improve their lives and in turn that of the country.

Rwanda is stronger today because of the courage of its people

President Kagame today commended the resilience of genocide survivors and said that Rwanda has made good progress because of the courage and the strength of its people:

“Today we are stronger, with greater ability and capacity than ever before. We have achieved stability; Rwandans feel good about their lives; their participation in the social and economic transformation of our country gives us hope that we can seize the many opportunities to rebuild our country even further.”

President Kagame paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the genocide and said that they will always be remembered and that even those who did not experience it may learn of the genocide and its causes, in order not for it never to happen again. He also thanked friends of Rwanda who had stood by the country for the last eighteen years and supported not only development programmes, but also helped make the genocide understood contributed to the fight against genocide denial.

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