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President Kagame addresses World Energy Forum in Dubai

Dubai, 22 October 2012

President Kagame today attended the third World Energy Forum hosted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Held in line with the 2012 United Nationals theme of “clean, safe and sustainable energy for all, the meeting began with the signing of the World Heads of the World Energy Day Proclamation establishing October 22 as a day to raise awareness about energy issues and stimulate political will to support sustainable energy.

With over 1.3 billion people yet to have access to electricity, this year's theme is a call on world leaders to ensure equitable access to energy. In Africa, only a quarter of the population has access to electricity.

It is with an emphasis on the direct relationship between access to energy and socio-economic development that President Kagame began his address this morning. Along with attending Heads of States session, President Kagame called for the kind of global commitment that has made the Millenium Development Goals a success;

“It has become clear that when the world acknowledges that there is a problem and acts to resolve it, the outcome is impressive. We need to address imbalances of energy between developed and developing countries and raise level of consumption and utilization. The world community should treat access to energy as a basic right essential in the development process.”

View pictures of the story:http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulkagame/sets/72157631826638188/

Watch the full speech: http://www.paulkagame.tv/podcast/?p=episode&name=2012-10-22_kagame__.mp3

Endeavour to be the horse riders, not the horses

Kigali, 19 October 2012

President Kagame has asked Rwandan youth to be leaders today because it is never too early for one to take the responsibility of developing their country. Speaking at the Amahoro indoor stadium, Petit Statde, where he met and interacted with over 2000 university students today President Kagame used the analogy of the horse and the horse rider, urging Rwanda youth to aim high and take full control of their destiny.

“Africans have been made the horses for long. It is about time we changed this and became the horse riders. Why would you, the young people of our country accept someone your age, or older, from somewhere else come here to tell you what is and is not good for you? You should take charge, control your destiny and be agents of change. Why would you accept to be a second class global citizen when you are as good as anyone else?”

President Kagame receives new representatives of international organizations

Kigali, 17 October 2012

President Kagame today received the newly appointed representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and the Department for International Development (DfID).

Mitra Farahbaksh who is the new IMF Resident Representative to Rwanda was previously serving the IMF in Mali, before which she served as senior Analyst within the IMF Headquarters’ Africa Region Department in Washington.

Carolyn Turk, who is the new World Bank representative in Rwanda, joined the World Bank in 1998 as a Consultant in the Rural Development and Natural Resource Management unit in the East Asia and Pacific Region. She has since held various positions, her most recent assignment being Lead Social Development Specialist in Vietnam. She also worked for DFID in Vietnam. Turk is a poverty economist by profession and has led several economic analytical works on Vietnam as a country graduating from low income to middle income status.

President Kagame receives credentials on newly accredited envoys

Kigali, 16 October 2012

President Kagame today received credentials of six envoys accredited to the Republic of Rwanda, during a special accreditation ceremony organized at Urugwiro Village. The new envoys include that of Nigeria, who will be the first Nigerian envoy resident in Kigali, South Africa, South Korea, Italy, Ethiopia and India.

Speaking to the Press after presenting their credentials, the new envoys expressed their commitment to strengthen the existing relationship between Rwanda and their respective countries.

Ambassador Ayibakuro Peter Ogidi-Oke, the new Nigerian High Commissioner to Rwanda said his country shared a lot with Rwanda and that there were numerous experiences to share in order to boost progress in both countries.

President Kagame receives US Global Aids coordinator

Kigali, 15 October 2012

President Kagame today received Ambassador Amb. Eric Goosby, US Global AIDs Coordinator who is in the country to officially launch the Human Resource in Health initiative. This innovative program is aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of health workers through a collaborative partnership with some of the best US schools. Nearly 100 US faculty members in various medical fields will be coming to Rwanda for one-year placements for a period of seven consecutive years.

Ambassador Goosby said the initiative aims to develop a system that will strengthen healthcare in Rwanda providing skills to medical practitioners:

“Our discussions with the President looked at sustainability and accountability of the program. We are going to work together with the Government of Rwanda to identify areas where support can make the biggest impact. This initiative has the support of various stakeholders including the US Government, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and other governments like Belgium.”

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