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President meets with Northern Province opinion leaders

Musanze, 5 June 2014

President Kagame today met and interacted with more than 600 Northern Province opinion leaders at the Senior Military College, Nyakinama.

In his address, President Kagame said a nation will take the direction its leaders want it to take. He cited the painful history which Rwanda took in 1994, which he said happened because leaders of the time wanted it to go that way.

"When you are hungry and wait for someone else from elsewhere to tell you that you are hungry, you are both fools. Rwandans are not fools. It’s a matter of choice between good things that are archived through hard work or bad things achieved easily."

President Kagame asked Rwandans to take a wise choice that will lead to peace and development of the nation, for the good of everyone and generations to come.

"I am your leader but one of you and your choices will affect me too. The few leaders from this province who betrayed their people's trust are making bad choices. What kind of politics aims at destroying property, kills children and women and innocent people?"

We cannot allow anyone to compromise our security and development

Nyabihu, 5 June 2014

President Kagame today visited the District of Nyabihu, Western Province where he visited a hydro-electricity power plant and met and interacted with residents of the District.

Addressing the residents, President Kagame said problems faced by the District were shared by the entire country and advised that solutions to the problems should be sought through partnership with private sector and implementation should be expedited.

"No one wants to be poor, that is the reason why we should not delay projects aimed at eradicating poverty. There should be no reason whatsoever why we should not move fast towards implementing projects that will make our lives better."

President Kagame urged leaders to put more energy in finding solutions to problems facing their people, instead of merely enumerating the problems.

Without insurance, every risk is magnified

Kigali, 4 June 2014

President Kagame has stated that insurance is about people, about their deepest hopes and fears in spite of the fact that there exists a wide gap between public understanding and the critical importance insurance services play in their daily lives. President Kagame said this today while officially closing the 41st African Insurance Organisation General Assembly and Conference at Serena Kigali hotel:

Without insurance we cannot drive cars, or build infrastructure, or provide healthcare, without serious concerns. Without insurance, every risk is magnified. A person can literally lose everything. Insurance makes life less scary by providing a safety net beyond what the state alone could ever offer. In pursuing your vocation as underwriters which includes producing a return for your shareholders you free up the insured to be more productive, entrepreneurial, and future minded.”

President Kagame pointed out that low penetration of insurance products in Africa is as much of a challenge as it is an opportunity because the untapped potential for innovation as well as the scope for increased public-private partnership is huge.

UNHCR Rwanda representative bids farewell to President Kagame

Kigali, 4 June 2014

President Kagame today received the UNHCR representative in Rwanda, Neimah Warsame who called to bid him farewell at the conclusion of her tour of duty. The UNHCR representative has been in Rwanda for more than three years and will be heading to Uganda for her new posting.

Speaking to press after the meeting, the UNHCR representative said:

“I have been in Rwanda for three years and three months and I came to bid the President farewell and to express the gratitude of the UNHCR for the exemplary leadership when it comes to the asylum institute in Rwanda which is not only maintained, but i is absolutely preserved. We also wanted to express our gratitude for the unmatched generosity of the leadership and Rwandan people when it comes to hosting refugees. I have worked in different countries but what happens in Rwanda is an exemplary model.”

Inclusive urbanization key for growth

New York, 27 May 2014

Today at the United Nations, President Kagame gave the keynote address at the 2014 Integration Segment on Sustainable Urbanization hosted by the Economic Social Council. Held for the first time, the conference focused on the environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainable urbanization.

President Kagame emphasized the role of urbanization in ensuring economic development:

“Urbanisation can help reduce poverty, sustainably, in ways that handouts never can. Growth without planned urbanisation, in contrast, is a recipe for soaring inequality. The choice is not whether to urbanise or not. The issue is whether we manage it in such a way that we obtain, together with our citizens, the maximum benefits possible.”

Emphasizing the need to ensure urbanization does not become the privilege of a few; President Kagame added that inclusive urbanization forms an essential priority for national development in Rwanda with an emphasis on inclusive urbanization:

“Cities have to work for everyone, Industries and investors, Real estate developers, the middle class, Environmentalists and above all, the young people struggling to make a better life. It is important to resist the tendency to equate ambitious urban design, particularly in Africa, with an anti-poor agenda. It is not just the well-off who appreciate and benefit from an orderly and predictable urban environment.”

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