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President Kagame receives Angolan Foreign Minister

Kigali, 14 May 2014

President Kagame today received the Angolan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Georges Rebelo Chikoti, who is in Kigali to sign several bilateral agreements with his Rwandan counterpart.

After meeting President Kagame, the Angolan Minister said:

“I came here as an Envoy of President Dos Santos who is President of the Great Lakes Region. Our two countries share very good relations; my counterpart and I will today sign several agreements between our two countries. During this meeting I transmitted greetings from President Dos Santos to President Kagame and expressed the will of President Dos Santos to cooperate with Rwanda, which we are going to define with time. We also talked about our region and the importance of stability and the contributions that all our countries can make. President Kagame is a committed man to peace in this region and we believe that we can only build a strong region if only all our heads of state work in the direction of peace.”

The Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Louise Mushikiwabo said:

Signing of the Standard Gauge Railway agreement with China

Nairobi, 11 May 2014

President Kagame today joined President Kenyatta, President Museveni, President Salva Kiir and the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Kenya’s capital Nairobi to witness the signing ceremony of the first phase of the Standard Gauge Railway agreement with China.

The railway project is expected to change the region’s economic landscape by providing efficient and cost effective rail transport for both freight and passengers. It is intended to reduce the cost of doing business by reducing the cost of transport among the countries served by the Northern Corridor.

Passenger trains will have a speed of 120 kilometers per hour while those for freight will be designed to move at 80 kilometers an hour. It will take passengers four hours and 30 minutes to travel from Mombasa to Nairobi while freight will take eight hours.

The signing also included an Institutional Framework based on the Northern Integration Corridor Whereby EAC countries will concurrently build railway portions in their own countries that will connect with Kenyan.

Growth is about transforming lives

Abuja, 8 May 2014

President Kagame addressed a World Economic Forum plenary session titled Unlocking Job Creating Growth alongside Aliko Dagonte, CEO of Dangote Group; Winnie  Byanyima, Executive Director, Oxfam; John Rice, the Vice Chairman and President & CEO GE Global Growth & Operations; and Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company.

Moderated by Prof Schwab, founder of WEF, the session addressed strategy to ensure sustainable development. President Kagame called on nations to ensure equitable benefits for growth:

“We are talking about people. We are not talking about a few companies doing well at expense of others. We are talking about equity. We have to ask how an ordinary person can get involved in activity that will increase their income. It’s about asking how many have been reached, how many lives have been changed.”

Common sense and enlightened self interest

Abuja, 7 May 2014

President Kagame arrived today in Abuja where he attended the 24th World Economic Forum.

For his first session, President Kagame joined President Kenyatta, Prime Minister Mara of Mali, AfDB President Donald Kaberuka for a discussion on the need for African nations to open their borders to each other.

Rwanda is one of the nations that has opened its borders to all African nations:

"Common sense and enlightened self interest are the reasons we opened our borders to all African nations.”

To address challenges that come with opening borders, President Kagame emphasized the importance of involving citizens concluding that benefits far outweigh the costs:

“We chose to put in place infrastructure to address challenges that come with opening our borders. We haven’t taken any steps without having conversations with our citizens. We have been able to fill skill gaps and the benefits go to the people.”

President Kagame receives former Archbishop of Canterbury

Kigali, 6 May 2014

President Kagame today received Lord George Carey, retired Archbishop of Canterbury who has returned to the country after 19 years.

Speaking to the press after meeting President Kagame, Lord George Carey said Rwanda has responded magnificently and was a strong, vibrant, buoyant country that was going in the right direction:

“Majority of people back in the UK probably don’t even know genocide happened here and that is why we have to re-awaken their memories. We think of the genocide in Germany, Cambodia, and Armenia and people forget quite easily. We do terrible things to one another and that that is part of human nature and we have to overcome them.

Lord George Carey, who is remembered as the first Anglican Archbishop to ordain women priests, commended Rwanda’s policy on gender equality:

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