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President Kagame receives Seychelles Speaker

Kigali, 28 March 2014

President Kagame today received the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Seychelles, Dr. Patrick Herminie who has been on a 5-day visit to Rwanda.

Speaking to the press after meeting President Kagame, Dr. Patrick Herminie said Rwanda and Seychelles have a lot to do together in order to grow their economies:

“Seychelles has made significant advancement mainly in terms of tourism and I believe Rwanda whose national carrier now goes to different places of the continent can take advantage of this. Rwandair could not only promote Rwanda tourism in Seychelles but can also ferry merchandise to Seychelles from Rwanda especially Agriculture products and bring whats needed from Seychelles to Rwanda.”

President Kagame receives NFC Group CEO

Kigali, 27 March 2014

President Kagame today received Julian Ozanne, the group CEO of New Forests Company which produces electric poles and high productivity charcoal. The company has been in Rwanda since the signing of an agreement with the Government of Rwanda in July 2011.

Julian Ozanne told members of the press after meeting President Kagame that the company uses the best technology available today to produce electricity poles and charcoal.

“President Kagame has been very supportive from the beginning and we discussed on how to work efficiently and get more value from the forests.”

The Minister in charge of natural resources, Stanislaus Kamanzi said the production of electric poles locally would boost the rural electrification program and will save the country a lot of foreign exchange since they will no longer be exported.

ICGLR Committee calls for strong and immediate action against FDLR

Luanda, 25 May 2014

Today in Luanda, President Kagame, President Museveni, President Sassou Nguesso, President Kabila and President Zuma gathered for a meeting on regional security hosted by President Dos Santos of Angola.

As members of the ICGLR committee charged with monitoring the situation in DRC alongside special guest President Zuma, the heads of states met to discuss additional ways to neutralize negative forces operating in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Opening the summit, President Dos Santos who is currently serving as the President of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region, urged members to take further steps to bring peace to the region:

“We refer to groups of ADF and FDLR and the need to undertake the multidisciplinary action in political, social and military areas to achieve full and lasting peace.”

President Dos Santos also called on countries to play an active part to prevent safe haven of negative forces on their territory:

“Countries should not allow their territories to be used for carrying out hostile actions against other states. We cannot allow rebel groups, without any social support base to continue to undermine the rule of law and the integrity of national borders, to destabilize the economic and social life and to keep the populations hostage of their illegal and criminal practices.”

Following an explanation of President Kagame and President Sassou Nguesso on FDLR, the summitcommitted to continue repatriation of FDLR members who are willing to disarm and return voluntarily and to engage urgent military actions against those unwilling to disarm.

The meeting concluded with all members agreeing to adopt a general approach for fighting against negative forces, including political and economic sanctions against all negative forces; to strengthen the regional and international cooperation in identification and neutralization of leaders of all negative forces sill active in the region and to work on the quick repatriation, in collaboration with the United nations, of the ex-M23 elements from Uganda and Rwanda. The summit also commended the promulgation of the amnesty law by the DRC Government and called upon DRC government to speed up the implementation of Nairobi Declaration in order to facilitate the resolution of the issue of ex-M23.

The committee of the ICGLR was established during the last meeting of the ICGLR held in January of this year. The aim of this committee is to monitor the situation in DRC.


President Kagame co-chairs 9th UN Broadband Commission Meeting

Dublin, 23 March 2014

Today in Dublin, President Kagame co-chaired the 9th meeting of the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development.

Opening the meeting, President Kagame emphasized the importance of broadband in achieving sustainable development:

“For us in Rwanda, broadband and ICTs play an important role in the progress we have made towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Broadband and ICTs contribute to our economic growth and are helping to deliver more efficiently in education, health, finance and banking and other sectors.”

President Kagame also reminded the representative of the various sectors present of the importance of honest dialogue and cooperation between the public and private sector:

“The broadband model we have adopted is based on effective public private partnership, guided by what works on the ground. We believe that there must be candid and consistent dialogue between industry and government - the kind that will generate trust and productivity.”

President Kagame arrives in Dublin to attend 9th Broadband Commission Meeting

Dublin, 22 March 2014

President Kagame arrived today in Dublin for the 9th Broadband Commission Meeting. As co-chair of the Commission since its founding in 2010, President Kagame will join commissioners for the 2 day meeting to discuss three main themes:  Broadband and the MDGs, Changing Roles of Telecom Operators and Content Providers, Challenges and Solutions for Rural Broadband.

With leaders in the ICT industry, policy makers, international agencies, the meeting will discuss the role of broadband in ensuring the achievement of MDGs, the role of service providers in developing services that serve society such as health and education as well as means to ensure broadband access is extended to rural areas.

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