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President Kagame commissions 4th Cadet Officer Intake

Gako, 19 November 2012

President Kagame today at the Rwanda Military Academy in Gako, commissioned 308 cadet officers, 24 of whom were women. The newly Commissioned officers included those from Uganda, Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania who trained for one year alongside their Rwandan counterparts in the spirit of regional integration and cooperation.

In his commissioning speech, upon congratulating them, President Kagame reminded the cadet officers that leadership comes with responsibility and that Rwandans would be looking up to them for protection, leadership and inspiration.

“Today marks an important milestone in your life; you are now officers and leaders who will lead troops at Rwanda Defence Force level or at multilateral level, in peace or war. At all levels you will need to demonstrate a high level of integrity and professional behavior. The people of Rwanda expect you to combine values of courage, honor and discipline. This is the first of your challenges as Rwanda Defence Forces officers.”

President Kagame opens Gorillas Golf Hotel in Nyarutarama

Kigali 16 November 2012

President Kagame today officiated the opening of Gorillas Golf Hotel - a chain of hotels established ten years ago. It currently runs hotels in Kigali, Musanze and Rubavu. The Gorillas Golf Hotel in Nyarutarama is the 4th of the chain and started operations this year. It has a capacity of 88 rooms including two executive suites and one Presidential suite. The conference room has a capacity of 200 people.

Owner of Gorillas Hotel chain, Emmanuel Rusera, thanked President Kagame for his support of private sector growth. President Kagame expressed his gratitude on what investment the hotel will result in;

"We are proud to see Rwandans who have  confidence to invest in themselves and their country. This investment will have benefits for our society through creation of employment and tourism. This is proof that no one will stand in the way of Rwanda achieving prosperity. We congratulate you and hope that many in the country will build upon this accomplishment."

President Kagame concludes 5th Unity Club Consultative Forum

Kigali, 16 November 2012

President Kagame today addressed the Unity Club Consultative Forum which was held at Parliament, organized by the Unity Club and the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission to mark the end of the unity and reconciliation week.

President Kagame thanked members of the Unity Club and other Rwandans who have dedicated their time to promote unity and reconciliation in the Rwandan society. President Kagame said the interests of Rwandans are the same, although means used to achieve objectives may be different:

“When people are united, no challenge is insurmountable. Our unity is our strength. Unity does not necessarily mean that people have the same line of thinking; it means people have the same interests and priorities for their country. Unity is rock solid and harnesses national values and identity which drive the progress of any nation. People without identity and values are bound to fail.”

President Kagame meets Young Presidents Organization delegation


Kigali, 15 October 2012

President Kagame today received sixteen members of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) including members from Australia, Scotland, US, South Africa, India, Israel, Czech Republic and Rwanda. In Kigali to attend the yearly meeting of the Rwanda Action Forum, the group updated President on the progress of their various initiatives in the agriculture and business sector.

President Kagame welcomed the YPO members and thanked them for the work they have undertaken in Rwanda. “We are reaching the milestones we have set for ourselves. I want to sincerely thank you for putting your resources in these invaluable efforts,” President Kagame said.

Reflecting on the years since the YPO awarded President Kagame the Global Leadership award, President Kagame added: “the past ten years have crystallized into a journey that has had many benefits for our country.”

Africa needs you

Lagos, 10 November 2012

Over 100 Young Nigerian Professionals today in Lagos, Nigeria, welcomed President Kagame for an interactive discussion centred on leadership.

Moderated by TV Personality Soni Irabor, the session began with remarks from the President of Miss University Africa;Taylor Nazzal reminding the audience of President Kagame's award as the Peace Personality Award winner voted by youth across Africa. Taylor Nazzal shared his experience travelling to Rwanda, a country he knew very little about prior to his trip.

“President Kagame inspired me and showed me that Africa belongs to the youth. He has shown that you can make it no matter what your background is.”

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