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President Kagame commends cooperation between Rwanda and DRC

Kigali, 19 May 2012

President Kagame today at Urugwiro Village received senior DRC officials participating in the ongoing 5th Rwanda-DRC Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) where he reasserted the importance of continued engagement between Rwandan and Congolese officials on issues of mutual interest.

“This engagement is critical for our two countries and the region. There is a lot more within our means that we can make use of. Looking at our situation in the wider context of our continent, where Africa needs to be, it is clear that we all need peace and stability in order to turn our focus fully on business, trade and the kind of cooperation that will bring wealth and prosperity for Africans who have been poor for far too long. It is important to keep working together to get there. It is never too late.”

President Kagame emphasised the importance of joint work in overcoming common problems by the people of the region pointing out that those affected had clearer insights into the challenges, were better equipped to find durable solutions and had the most interest in achieving tangible results.

"Leadership is not about a single individual”

Oskaloosa, 12 May 2012

Founded by Quakers in 1873, William Penn University celebrated its largest graduating class to date. With over 300 students, William Penn University celebrated its largest graduating class to date on this sunny Saturday afternoon in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

In her opening remarks, the first female President of the College Dr. Ann Fields reminded the graduating class of Rwanda's remarkable achievement in the past decades pointing out its high number of women parliamentarians.

“Under President Kagame who is known as a public advocate for socio-economic development and self reliance, Rwanda has been cited as an African success story.”

Dr. Ann Fields cited gender equity, women's right to own property and girl's education among many of the   successes of President Kagame's leadership. It was in recognition of these accomplishment and the partnership between William Penn University and Rwanda that Dr. Ann Fields presented President Kagame with the Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.

I accept it with deep humility, knowing that in actual fact, it is a recognition of the collective effort of Rwandans to work for a better and brighter future,” President Kagame said upon receiving the Honorary Doctorate. Addressing the over 300 students gathered, he reminded them that “leadership is not about a single individual, no matter how gifted; it centers on the ability to inspire others to move together in the right direction, towards a common good.”

You are my pride

Addis Ababa 10, May 2012

Before the official opening of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Addis, President Kagame today met with 32 Global shapers – a global network of local communities set up one year ago by the WEF to engage in its events and activities.

Local communities are called hubs, globally there exists 157 hubs with more than 1200 members. Global shapers have representatives in Sub-Saharan Africa consisting of 38 hubs and an additional 12 from North Africa. The leaders are under the age of 30 and gather on a regular basis to engage in activities and projects to benefit their local environments.

President Kagame Expressed his gratitude to the leaders and urged them to have self-belief, in order to handle tasks that will shape the continent.

“This gathering of Global Shapers from our continent gives me great hope of the direction our continent is taking and I think a lot is going to happen in the basis of your efforts as young people who feel its their responsibility to handle tasks and place Africa where it wants to be. It’s very encouraging. Thank you for that. "If I can be real with you and speak about my own situation, the challenges I have faced; having to build a country from scratch there are two things we have to do or encourage. To be a good leader, there has to be a clear message; definition of a problem, how to deal with the problem and a demonstration to show what needs to be done and then, put systems in place to keep people accountable. Never leave things to chance. I learn a lot of things as I go along. I think it is important to emphasize to young people to never assume that you know, always assume that you don’t know. Always listen and learn.’’

“Donor money is good. Private sector money is better. When they come together it is excellent.”

Addis Ababa 9, May 2012

As part of his trip to Ethiopia for the World Economic Forum, President Kagame with two other Heads of State today took part in the closing session of the Grow Africa Investment Forum held at the AU headquarters.

“Donor money is good. Private sector money is better. When they come together it is excellent. We must remember to mobilize and involve the youth and women in agricultural transformation. Our greatest asset is our people, we must build their skills and knowledge so that investment creates jobs and incomes.”

The Grow Africa Forum is a multi-country platform to promote agriculture and analyze private sector investment and comprises of 7 member countries; Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ghana and Burkina Faso.

President Kagame in Addis Ababa for World Economic Forum

Addis Ababa, 8 May 2012

President Kagame has today arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he will participate in the 22nd World Economic Forum (WEF).  The 9-11 May event is taking place in Addis Ababa for the first time this year.  The forum will see several African heads of state; public figures and business people participate in discussions on how to improve Africa’s potential, in order for the continent to become a new global growth pole.

Under the theme “Shaping Africa’s Transformation”, the forum is will address three priorities: Strengthening Africa’s Leadership; Accelerating Investment in Frontier Markets; and Scaling Innovation for Shared Opportunities. President Kagame is scheduled to attend the opening plenary of the WEF and will on Friday participate in an interactive session with 32 young leaders who are members of the WEF Global Shapers Community from 17 African countries.

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