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Rwanda committed to gender parity


Davos, 23 January 2014

President Kagame today attended an MDG special event calling for increased investment in Girl’s Empowerement. President Kagame who serves as co-chair MDG Advocates Group joined United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as well as the new MDG Advocates group co-chair Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

During his address, President Kagame emphasized the need to invest in ensuring girls are able to fulfill their full potential:

“Investing in girl’s empowerement calls for increased investment in the good health of the girl child as we do for the boys, so that they all grow into balanced human beings with equal opportunities to realise any aspirations they choose to follow in life.”

United Nations Secretary General reiterated his commitment to gender parity and recognized Rwanda as exemplary in ensuring gender equality:

“When you invest in girls future, you are guaranteed results that multiply across society on health, education, peace and welfare of future generations. Let us make their future our focus and they will make a difference.”

Africa is not a charity case

Davos, 23 January 2014


President Kagame today addressed an event titled “Germany meets Africa” at the World Economic Forum. The event aimed at strengthening mutually beneficial relations between Germany and Rwanda was attended by President Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia as well leaders in the German public and private sector.

President Kagame shared Rwanda’s story with those present emphasizing Rwandans determination to transform their nation:

“Twenty years ago,the country sunk so low it hit the bottom. We couldn't go lower and we couldn't stay at the bottom. The only way was up.”

Speaking on Africa’s economy, President Kagame shared his belief that Africa is headed for continued progress:

“Each individual country in Africa is reforming. We are working to create the better future Africans deserve and leave the image we have come to be known for behind us. The belief in Rwanda is that there are no insurmountable challenges. With hard work we can succeed together as a continent.”

We have a vision based on identifying our challenges, plans to address them

Davos, 22 January 2014


This morning in Davos, President Kagame joined business leaders at a breakfast hosted by Hon. Tony Blair and Marc Holtzman. A traditional side event at the World Economic Forum, the meeting brought together business leaders to learn about the investment opportunities in Rwanda.

Speaking on Rwanda’s progress in the last twenty years, President Kagame explained to Ours has been a vision, identifying our challenges, having plans to address them and focus on activities that will benefit our people those present the mindset Rwanda continues to adopt:

“We have a vision based on identifying our challenges, having plans to address them and focusing on activities that will benefit our people.”

Africa will succeed when we understand what has held us back

Naivasha, 19 January 2014

President Kagame arrived today in Kenya to address the first Governors’ Summit hosted by the Nation Media Group. Nearly 10 months after the General Election at which they were placed in charge of the newly-created counties, the summit is an opportunity for Kenyan governors to examine how much progress they have made.


“This new beginning is a unique opportunity to use your home-grown solutions to achieve and sustain the goals of your respective counties and ultimately, to attain your national vision. One enduring lesson is the need to consistently take ownership of our problems as well as the solutions in order to move forward. We have learned and continue to learn that sustained frank dialogue between leaders and citizens at all levels, combined with working together, even with limited material means, is the only way to move forward towards our national goals. Our journey of nation-building has shown us that effective decentralisation requires both the autonomy of local governments and the capacity to deliver on their mandate. But support from and coordination with the central government is indispensable.”

Great Lakes Nations Committed to Peace

Luanda, 15 January 2014

Today in Luanda, Heads of States and Government from the twelve ICGLR member states. The meeting began with an open session and a handover ceremony of the chairmanship from President Museveni to President Dos Santos.

In his speech handing over the Chairmanship to President Dos Santos, President Museveni emphasized the need for the region to look beyond differences and move beyond divisive politics.

Speaking on the root causes of regional conflicts, President Museveni pointed to FDLR as a persistent problem that must be addressed:

“Up to now the presence of the Rwanda genocidaires in Eastern Congo has not been solved and it has led to endless problems. To deal with the consequences without dealing with the cause is not a durable solution.”

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