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President Kagame presides over Rwanda Defence Forces Retreat

Kigali, 27 January 2014


President Kagame, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of Rwanda Defence Forces, today presided over the Closing of the Rwanda Defence Forces mini Retreat held in Kigali. The Retreat was aimed at reviewing the implementation of the retreat decisions held in June last year and forging the way forward.

President Kagame was briefed on the outcomes of the mini Retreat, and strategies undertaken to make RDF continue fulfilling its Mission of defending the sovereignty of Rwanda, act as a catalyst for fast-tracking Rwanda’s aspiration to achieve Middle Income Status and development as envisaged in Vision 2020 and EDPRS2.

President Kagame receives a delegation of US Senators, Congressmen

Kigali, 25 January 2014


President Kagame today received a delegation of US Senators and Congressmen led by Senator James Inhofe who have been on a three-day visit to the country. During their visit, the delegation met with the Ministers of Defense and Trade as well as Officials from the Office of the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs. The Minister of Defense briefed the delegation on Peace and Security in the Great Lakes in general and in the Central African Republic, in particular. The delegation also discussed the prospects to increase trade between Rwanda and the US with the Minister of Trade.

Speaking to the Press after the meeting, Senator James Inhofe said:

Access to ICT key to facing challenges

Davos, 24 January 2014

On the last day of the World Economic Forum attended an event organized on the role of broadband in sustainable development. Organized by International Telecommunications Union and the Azerbaijan Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies and moderated by Jeffrey Sachs, the event brought together leaders in the sector to answer the question “why broadband should be prioritized in the post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.”

With Rwanda’s continuous investment in ICT, President Kagame shared Rwanda’s commitment to the use of ICT for transformation:

“People used to think that broadband is meant for a few people and cannot be accessed by the majority. We have found that with the right investments, we can make it accessible and affordable. People are now able to use ICT for health, education and to access markets for their agricultural products. The results speak for themselves in every part of Africa.”

As co-chair of the Broadband Commission, President Kagame also thanked the broadband commissioners for their dedication to increasing broadband accessibility.

ITU Secretary General, Ahmadou Toure explained the goals of the Broadband Commission as essential to sustainable development.

Rwanda committed to gender parity


Davos, 23 January 2014

President Kagame today attended an MDG special event calling for increased investment in Girl’s Empowerement. President Kagame who serves as co-chair MDG Advocates Group joined United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as well as the new MDG Advocates group co-chair Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

During his address, President Kagame emphasized the need to invest in ensuring girls are able to fulfill their full potential:

“Investing in girl’s empowerement calls for increased investment in the good health of the girl child as we do for the boys, so that they all grow into balanced human beings with equal opportunities to realise any aspirations they choose to follow in life.”

United Nations Secretary General reiterated his commitment to gender parity and recognized Rwanda as exemplary in ensuring gender equality:

“When you invest in girls future, you are guaranteed results that multiply across society on health, education, peace and welfare of future generations. Let us make their future our focus and they will make a difference.”

Africa is not a charity case

Davos, 23 January 2014


President Kagame today addressed an event titled “Germany meets Africa” at the World Economic Forum. The event aimed at strengthening mutually beneficial relations between Germany and Rwanda was attended by President Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia as well leaders in the German public and private sector.

President Kagame shared Rwanda’s story with those present emphasizing Rwandans determination to transform their nation:

“Twenty years ago,the country sunk so low it hit the bottom. We couldn't go lower and we couldn't stay at the bottom. The only way was up.”

Speaking on Africa’s economy, President Kagame shared his belief that Africa is headed for continued progress:

“Each individual country in Africa is reforming. We are working to create the better future Africans deserve and leave the image we have come to be known for behind us. The belief in Rwanda is that there are no insurmountable challenges. With hard work we can succeed together as a continent.”

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