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President Kagame attends the US Africa Summit

Washington DC, 4 August 2014


President Kagame arrived today in Washington, DC where he will be attending the three day US Africa Summit alongside over forty African leaders. President Kagame began with a dinner hosted by Pan African leaders in honor of Ambassador Andrew Young.

President Kagame began by recognizing the importance of Andrew Young’s lifelong work and struggle for justice:

“Andrew Young, alongside those with whom he fought the struggle for freedom and civil rights, here in the United States, is testament that one generation can, indeed, bring about transformational change.”

Paying tribute to Ambassador Young fight for dignity for all:

We thank Ambassador Young for his lifelong commitment to peace, freedom, and civil rights, his passionate commitment to securing Africa’s place in the global economy, and for his unshakable confidence in the future of Rwanda and its people.”

No one will carry our burden for us

Washington DC, 3 August 2014

Today at the Aspen Institute in Colorado, President Kagame held an interactive discussion on Rwanda's journey of transformation.

Speaking to a gathering of leaders and members of the Aspen Institute, President Kagame shared Rwanda's progress and challenges.

President Kagame pointed to the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi as a lesson for all Rwandans:

“We came out determined and committed to reverse the situation. We looked each other in the eyes and asked one thing: who benefitted from Genocide? Not one single person or family benefitted from the Genocide. We could choose to work towards a common good or the common destruction that we had already experienced.”

Speaking on the reconstruction process that followed the Genocide, President Kagame emphasized the importance of resilience:

“For us, the question was what happens if we fail to achieve? There was no alternative. What Rwandans have achieved is because of the resilience of the people. Other people can help but no one will carry our burden for us.”

President Kagame closes 7th Itorero for youth living abroad

Kigali, 25 July 2014


President Kagame today closed the seventh Itorero program bringing together more than 250 Rwandan youth living abroad, which took place at the Gabiro School of Combat in Gatsibo District. In an interactive address, President Kagame told the youth to guard their identity jealously because this is what will guide them in whatever they do, wherever they may be in the world.

“Identity is about your education, your upbringing and the Rwandan values you are taught. No matter where you were born or where you choose to live today, you are Rwanda. Nothing stands in the way of staying true to yourself. No one should erase their identity and who they truly are. You must build on your identity because Rwanda belongs to you and you belong to your country. It is about your identity, knowing who you are and your values.”

President Kagame presides over swearing-in of new government

Kigali, 24 July 2014

President Kagame today presided over the swearing-in of the new Prime Minister, Anasatse Murekezi, Cabinet Ministers and Permanent Secretaries. Anastse Murekezi, who until his appointment t the new post was Minister for Public Service, replaces Pierre Habumuremyi.

In his remarks, President Kagame commended the outgoing Prime Minister and Government for having achieved so much and wished those who are not part of the new Government success in their next endeavours:

President Kagame receives Equity Bank Group Board members

Kigali, 22 July 2014

President Kagame today received a delegation of Equity Bank Group Board members who called to update him on progress of the bank, after three years operating in Rwanda. The Equity Bank Group Board is holding its retreat in Kigali.

After meeting President Kagame, Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the Equity Bank, James Njuguna Mwangi said the delegation updated President Kagame on achievements since the bank established in Rwanda in 2011:

“We have been quite successful in Rwanda and we wanted to update the President on progress of the promises we made to him when came to see him after our expansion into Rwanda three years ago, in addition to seeking his valuable advice and inspiration. Among other things, we have supported financial inclusion by posting agents at village level and boosted the payment system by issuing Autobranch Visa Cards in Rwanda. We are also planning to double our investments in Rwanda.”

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